Nashville City Guide

Where to go, what to do, and (let's be real) where to EAT!

As the Springtime rolls into town, so do the weekend warriors visiting the beautiful city of Nashville, TN. It's no surprise, with it's small town charm yet big city feel this place is the perfect host for a weekend getaway or summer vaycay. I'll be honest, when I first moved here I thought it was a bunch of hype. Maybe it was me trying to not be disappointed and get my hopes up before I could explore the truth for myself. Or maybe it was the fact that it seemed like every scroll on Instagram I discovered yet another friend was making the pilgrimage.

Either way, I was wrong. And I am so happy that I was.

Here in Nashville there is so much to do, hear, see, sip, and eat!

So, this is a list of some of my favorites. Partly because the list is still growing with the more I discover and the more that this city transforms but I know you wont be disappointed with this start!

*All names are linked for hours/menus!

FROTHY MONKEY (12th South)

This local coffeehouse serves up everything from breakfast sandwiches to omlettes and southern comfort classics. Don't skip on the bacon! The weekends can get busy here so be prepared for a mid-morning wait!


Funky little coffee/ breakfast/ brunch spot that has everything from weekly brunch specials (think gourmet avocado toast) to smoothies, kombucha, and cold-pressed juices!


An Industrial and chic restaurant/ coffee shop/ cocktail bar/ bowling alley (yes, you read that right!) tucked away in an unassuming brick facade that only adds to the mystery within! If you aren't in the mood for brunch, go for a cocktail or coffee just to see the place!


No frills BYOB taco joint fixing up various tacos like spicy carne molida to quinoa sweet potato. Not to mention the delicious sides like elote (grilled corn on the cobb with siracha salt and cheese) and fried plantains- YUM.


Just a sandwich place your thinking?! Then you haven't had the TAVO- Turkey, bacon and avocado on whole wheat bread. (Only the best sandwich of your life.) Okay- there are a ton of options but somehow when I go to order I panic and get the same thing every time (because it is that good).


Homemade, locally sourced vegetarian cafe that I swear could convert any meat eater. If you go on a crab cake or quinoa bake day order it! Other sides I crave are the sweet potato puree, sautéed kale with sesame seeds, and cold pad thai. They will let you try anything (proof is in the pudding) so just ask and enjoy!


A Nashville classic, this BBQ joint serves up all the favorites from pulled pork to brisket. There are a few locations around town but my favorite is on Murphy Rd. there's a great outdoor patio and usually a shorter line! 

BURGER UP (12th South)

This trendy burger spot gets busy on nights and weekends, and for good reason. They're arguably the best burgers in Nashville and don't get me started on the sweet potato fries and array of homemade sauces. My personal favorite is the woodstock with benton’s bacon, tennessee sweetwater white cheddar, and jack daniels maple ketchup. Yup. Lunch or Dinner this is a must.


New York style pizza made to order or by the (large) slice. They also have a variety of craft beers on tap because, really is there a better match than that?


This rustic and chic restaurant serves up new American dishes and craft cocktails. It can get pricey- but it's worth it. 


This artisanal coffeehouse is located not only in Pinewood social, but also in their own industrial brick and mortar up the road. These award winning roasters not only serve up a mean cup of joe but a variety of pastries and snacks. 


This craft coffee roaster tucked away on eighth avenue is the perfect place to grab some java to get your day started or a midday pick-me-up.

DOSE (East Nashville)

There are a few locations of this specialty coffee and tea bar but my favorite is the bright and airy east location off McGavock Pike. Local tip: if you're taking it to go head to the counter, if you're staying to do some work or hang with friends head straight to a table and they'll come to you!


A newer addition on 10th (only a few streets over from 12 South) this airy coffee shop and bakery host a variety of sweets and treats. The service here is friendly and usually quick- due to the fact that it isn't directly on the busy 12th South street.

If the name doesn't say it all, the variety of gourmet ice cream flavors will! There's a minimum taste testing rule of at least 10 samples per person before you choose. Okay, that's a lie but there are just too many to choose from! I guarantee you will want to sample them all!


These Mexican frozen treats, similar to ice pops, come in a range of flavors from creamy (think: chocolate almond or pistachio) to fruity varieties (think: grapefruit or the spicy pineapple with chili) and are the perfect sweet treat on a summer day! Grab one to stroll down 12S or across the street to Sevier Park.




This street is home to many local shops and restaurants. Everything from the handmade jean goodness of Imogene and Willie to the upscale general store of Whites Mercantile. Draper James, Reece Witherspoon's clothing store is also here and down the street is Sprinkles cupcake ATM. It's a great walkable area that gets busy on the weekends. Check out my friends at Amelias Flower Truck, (a mobile flower truck that usually parks in the area) and grab yourself a stem of something beautiful!



This area is right down the street from Vanderbilt and has an array of stores, places to eat and one of my favorite boutiques, Native and Nomad! Stop in to snag some Cotton and Jewels here and other local and sweat-shop-free clothing and goods! 



You might have seen the classic picturesque stone steps of Percy Warner Park but theres so much more to do and see in the beautiful park! My favorite hiking trail for weekends is here, a moderate 3.5 mile loop that gives you a beautiful glimpse of the Tennessee landscape. 

Yes, this was taken in the Fall. Yes, those are pumpkin carving tools as utensils. 

Yes, this was taken in the Fall. Yes, those are pumpkin carving tools as utensils. 


Well known for its (to scale) replica of the Parthenon this spacious park is full of flat walking paths and grassy lawns to picnic on. You can walk up to the Parthenon or pay an entrance fee to see inside the massive structure!


Across for Las Paletas and a 5min walk from most 12S restaurants is Sevier Park, a hilly and spacious park towards the end of the 12 South area. Theres a playground for the kiddos and a path suitable to walk or push a stroller on. In the Spring or Fall you will find people with blankets spread out to read or picnic! 


If I could only pick three things on this entire list, this would be one of them! This rooftop bar is located in the Gulch and at the very top of the Thompson hotel (which in itself is worth the trip to see its eclectic mid century modern interior). L. A. Jackson serves up classic and specialty cocktails, beer, and wine in a spacious indoor/ outdoor bar with lots of seating and a classy yet easy going vibe. 


Don't let the name fool you, this one is more than meets the eye. The Sutler is tucked away in a shopping plaza (yes, strange but keep reading) and features a saloon like bar with live music and southern pub food. But the real secret is in the cellar- just a staircase down and you're in a sultry speak-easy lounge with victorian era design and craft cocktails.


Pinewood makes another appearance on the list, and when you go you will see why! As I said before this place has a variety of things to offer including craft cocktails to sip on in their comfortable living room like open spaces or at the bar in the center of this large gathering spot. 


Bastion is like walking into a warehouse that has been perfectly curated with trendy restored decor from you Grandmother's house with an edgy twist. Did that make any sense at all? When you visit you'll say "ahhhh I see". They're serving up craft cocktails, beer, wine, and nighttime finger food fare like nachos, so theres that. 


This Bed & Breakfast and Public house bar/ kitchen is tucked away in East Nashville. Their focus is on craft cocktails and down right rustic coolness. This intimate space features limited covered outdoor seating and more open air seats next to a permanently parked food truck serving up wood-fired locally sourced food.

And now for those of you who want hot chicken and country music here is my advice: Pepperfire over Hattie B's and if you want to venture on to Broadway, my pick is ACME feed and seed. If it's live music, yes you can stumble upon that in several places in town but I recommend getting tickets for a show at the Ryman or the famous Bluebird Cafe.  

So there you have it, those are my local picks! If you want all these suggestions on the go, download/ save our mobile format here!

Whether its only for a weekend or you are new to the area I hope you enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer! 

xoxo C&J



I have to admit, I have been on a major kombucha kick lately. The obsession has slowly been growing but with kombucha now being accessible at nearly every major grocery stores, Target, even gas stations, it makes it hard to escape the stuff. (And the $3-5 price tag per bottle!)

So, I decided to finally do what I've been wanting to do... small batch kombucha at home! The entire process was 3 simple steps, around $30 and only took around 15-20min to make!

>> Keep in mind: CLEAN is key. Make sure your jar and utensils are sanitized and clean. Also, you will want to use GLASS for the fermenting process, not metal or plastic! 


*All images are linked to the products I used!

1 SCOBY (Acronym for "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" - yummy!) and unflavored starter tea from a previous batch of kombucha. (I purchased mine together in the package above)

1 SCOBY (Acronym for "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" - yummy!) and unflavored starter tea from a previous batch of kombucha. (I purchased mine together in the package above)

6 tea bags or the equivalent of 6 tea bags in loose tea. I prefer black tea like the blend I purchased above. (I'll explain why below)

6 tea bags or the equivalent of 6 tea bags in loose tea. I prefer black tea like the blend I purchased above. (I'll explain why below)

1 gallon-sized glass jar and a small piece of cheese cloth (You can also use a large coffee filter if you have that on hand)

1 gallon-sized glass jar and a small piece of cheese cloth (You can also use a large coffee filter if you have that on hand)


  • 1 cup of organic sugar
  • 12 cups of filtered water


Begin by bringing 2 cups of water to a boil and adding your loose tea or tea bags. Brew only 4-5 minutes so the tea does not become bitter.

>> I prefer black tea (or a black tea blend) for kombucha because it contains the necessary caffeine and nutrients to allow the fermentation process to take place. You can use oolong or green tea but be sure to add 1-2 black tea bags in the mix.

Now for the good stuff! Add 1 cup of organic sugar to the hot tea and stir until it has dissolved. Add the remaining 10 cups of filtered water and let cool to room temperature.

>> The sugar is vital to this process as it is what the SCOBY feeds on!


Once the sweetened tea has cooled, add the starter tea from a previous kombucha batch and the SCOBY (go ahead give it a poke- you know you wanna).

Last step is to cover the komucha mixture with a cheese cloth or large coffee filter. You want something that allows air in and out, allowing the mixture to ferment properly and keep bugs away. Simply wrap a rubber band (or hair tie- whatever you have!) around the cloth to keep it secure. 

Fermentation can take anywhere from 3-20+ days. The longer it sits, the less sugary it becomes and the mixture will be more vinegary. Now that you own the initial ingredients (your SCOBY will last forever if maintained properly) you can replicate the process again and again.

There you have it, now you're an AT HOME KOMBUCHA PRO!      



That is called a second fermentation.

>> Transfer the "harvested" or original batch of kombucha to an airtight conatiner/bottle. Then simply add a small amount of organic/ natural fruit juices to the original batch depending on how sweet/flavored you like your kombucha. (You can also add fresh fruit, dried fruit, ginger, etc.) 

Cap and store the airtight container for a few additional days or up to a week depending on the carbonation you prefer. Then chill and enjoy!

*I haven't been able to test a second fermentation yet so I will keep you posted on the flavors I have chosen and specific amounts of each!




DIY *No Sew* City Wall Banner

With a recent move to Nashville I've been inspired by all that this place holds. Sure, it helps that I am getting signs of the changing season (for the first time in this Florida girl's life) with crunchy leaves everywhere I turn! But It's a funny thing you know, being in your 20's and starting to think about what it looks like to plant roots somewhere, to desire the feeling of 'home' as you also long to see the world. What does it all mean!? Okay enough of that, for now here is a super SIMPLE DIY you can create to rep your (current) city. 

I spy Cotton and Jewels! Click the pic to shop this look!

I spy Cotton and Jewels! Click the pic to shop this look!


What you need:

Overall, you can make this project for around $8.50 with plenty of materials left over! 

Step 1: Cut Felt/ Trace Letters

The black felt is originally 36" by 36" so I cut mine down to 15" wide by 21" long. To make the point simply start from the bottom edge, find the center, go up 6" & mark that spot. Then remember the days of paper airplanes? Same concept! Fold in to form the triangle shape, mark, cut. 

I made my letters by hand, block style around 3/4" in thickness and 4" tall. If you aren't great at free handing directly to the felt I recommend printing your letters out from the computer and tracing from paper. *Pro tip: If you have a letter that repeats, use the first letter backwards to trace the second (that way it hides your marks).

Click this pic to shop this C&J bracelet!

Click this pic to shop this C&J bracelet!

Step 2: Position Letters/ Glue

Depending on how many letters you have on top and bottom of your city name you will need to adjust your spacing. Once they are in place, hold the top of the letter down while you glue the bottom that way you can ensure they stay put!

These gold stacking rings are under $15! Click here to shop this look.

These gold stacking rings are under $15! Click here to shop this look.

Next, turn the felt around, fold down 1" of material and glue at the edge to create a 'pocket' for your dowel to slide through. 

Step 3: Dowel/ Rope

If your dowel is too long simply cut with a sharp knife or X-acto to the desired length. I also chose to paint the edge of my dowel with a little bit of white paint. Slide it through the pocket you glued at the top. 

Next, cut the rope to 35" and use a 3" section to make a loop on one end (large enough to slide your dowel through) and wrap the gold wire tightly around to secure. Repeat on the other side and slide it on the either end of the dowel. 

Volia, hang and admire! 

Cotton and Jewels goes LIVE!

I can't begin to explain how great it feels to even write the title of this post. What a journey it has been to grow this passion of mine. Many long nights and tears listening to the doubts that "It's not good enough" or "you just can't make it happen" or "It's too much of a risk".

The truth is, I realized those doubts will always be looming, it's the next step you take that makes the difference. Do you let it paralyze you from growing and pushing and moving on? Or do you kick up your heels and run past them? Those who know me know what I needed to do... I needed to RUN! And so I did...

As you look at the products in this site I hope you get as excited as me for these one-of-a-kind creations. They were each made with a passion to create something beautiful for you to enjoy or gift to others. 

I am so thankful for your desire to "shop small" and support small business endeavors. Be sure to stay connected as I will be posting not only about NEW collections and items as they are created but also about DIY projects, everyday experiences, and the latest trends!

Here's one of my favorite quotes on originality and community over competition:

"Others can copy your ideas, but they will never duplicate your passion or imagination, you own those completely. Competitors will always compete because you posses something they want for themselves". 

-Debroah Waltz, Owner of Peniture Studios