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Antler + Stone + Leather Necklace


Beautiful and strong, this necklace captures the essence of adventure and a wild & free spirit. The perfect one of a kind piece to adorn for a statement!

Choose from a black or brown leather cord. The necklace length is adjustable! Simply slide the wooden bead in the back to your desired length. This allows it to not only be customized but layered with any of our other necklaces.

The Antler + Stone + Leather Necklace features:

  • Genuine antler tip
  • 10mm amazonize beads
  • Turquoise rondels + faceted agate

  • Crystals + hematite square

*The beauty of natural materials (stones/antlers) is that no two pieces are alike, some antler tips may be longer or wider than the image shown. Although your necklace may not be identical to the one shown here, the quality and style will remain the same!

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